All of us try to live a quality and content life. But sometimes situations arise, that we cannot influence and then we think about them and how we could have prepared for them beforehand.

Anticipate with us and insure your life with a modern and flexible product which joins insurance, saving and investing. The insurance can be adapted anytime to any current life situation – you yourself decide, if you want a higher insurance rate concerning individual risks or you want to increase the value of your savings. Anytime during the term of your insurance you can apply a large number of changes.

Who is the ŽIVOT product aimed at

  • If you want to save for future expenses and unburden yourself from financing a retirement plan. ŽIVOT during retirement is for you.
  • If you want to secure your family and you are looking for comprehensive insurance protection. You can secure insurance for yourself and your children under one contract (all of your children will be insured including children born during the duration of the contract)
  • If you want to secure your children or your grandchildren you can insure them with ŽIVOT junior. (you ensure that no one will get the money except the child that is insured)

Insurance is divided in to two parts investment and capital. The capital insurance part appreciates by a guaranteed technical rate of interest with attributed additional revenue. The investment insurance part is focused on stock investments with a growth potential (the progress of the global stock Fund of PSLSP can be found here). You set the ratio of these parts yourself.

Insurance coverage:

  • Living out
  • Death under any circumstances

Broaden your insurance coverage with additional riders for adults:

  • Death resulting from an injury
  • Permanent disability (according to extent starting at 20 %)
  • Serious illness
  • Fractures

Additional riders for children:

  • Permanent disability (according to extent starting at 20 %)
  • Serious illness
  • Fractures

The main advantage of insurance is the protection of already achieved revenue, which means moving the achieved revenue from the investment part to the capital (guaranteed) part , where it further appreciates with a guaranteed technical rate of interest.


  • Simplicity – adjusting the requirements according to your needs
  • Flexibility – the possibility of change according to the changes in your life
  • Long-term protection – from childhood to an older age
  • Guaranteed insurance sums – for all the insurance risks
  • Possibility of higher revenue – choosing the investment part, investing in a special fund „Global stocks“
  • The availability of funds – the ability to withdraw funds during the duration of the insurance
  • Directness – the insurance claim is paid to the person designated by you and exempted from the inheritance
  • Uniqueness – securing insurance for a child without its presence or the presence of a legal guardian

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